The Teays Valley Way

Because no two people are alike and conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are not one-size-fits-all situations, we offer the residents of our Teays Valley community a variety of services and care options that provide solutions for today and security for changes that develop tomorrow. We treat every individual according to their personal needs, and will adapt our levels of caregiving to suit resident lifestyles, interests and family concerns. The goal is to provide an excellent daily living experience in an extended home environment and present many opportunities to maintain and stimulate cognitive functioning and to keep each individual’s sunset years filled with silver linings.

In an environment that promotes independence and privacy, we encourage our residents to take advantage of around-the-clock health and personal care services, and offer an impressive range of unique programs specifically designed to promote wellness. Day in and day out, we deliver “continuous compassionate care,” while giving our seniors access to a range of learning, physical fitness opportunities, recreational pursuits and enrichment activities designed to let them live life to the fullest.

Our Vision

At Teays Valley Assisted Living, the lofty concept of providing continuous compassionate care infuses every human interaction, from individual acts of kindness to bigger-picture event planning. In a small, home-like environment designed to make every individual feel at home, the needs of our residents are served by a devoted staff of personable, gently attentive caregivers who share our passionate belief in compassionate care for seniors.

Our Mission

To provide continuous compassionate care to our extended family of Teays Valley residents by giving them a warm, welcoming home where they retain a sense of dignity and well-being and have the opportunity to live out their days feeling cherished, stimulated and loved.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to care for our Teays Valley residents as we would our own, providing a loving environment and tending to their emotional, physical and intellectual needs with tenderness and respect; appreciating their feelings and abilities; and filling their days with value, enjoyment, nourishment and enrichment.