Whenever a family begins to debate the notion of “sending mom to a nursing home,” it’s certain to involve a lot of angst-ridden conversations and traumatic emotions like fear and frustration. Many families find themselves in a constant state of distress and disagreement as the signs of ill health, dementia and, sometimes, Alzheimer’s Disease, creep insidiously into their lives to create a harsh, new and painfully unfair reality for all involved.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Despite the many and varied challenges of slowly losing a loved one to the ravages of age and Alzheimer’s-related memory loss, it is possible to make sure they are cared for in a way that nurtures their minds and attends to their physical comfort with gentle attentiveness and respect.

Rather than parking old folks in the proverbial corner and letting them waste away in an institution where you’re lucky if the only indignity they suffer is a steady diet of benign neglect, a more reasonable and noble choice is not to “put mom in a home” but to give her a new place to call her own, a place where the mantra of “continuous, compassionate care” means she is cherished and challenged, and tended to in an way that ensures daily opportunities for shared smiles and silver linings.

That choice is Teays Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care -- a small, home-like community founded by people who experienced the same sense of loss and indignation with their own parents’ situations and who were inspired by their grief and losses to make things better for others.

SO – Why choose Teays Valley?

  • caregiver-to-resident ratios of 1 to 4 (as opposed to an industry average of 1-to-20)
  • a warm, inviting, home-like environment with designer touches, comfy leather couches and engaging enrichment activities
  • days filled with smiles and hugs, conversation and kindness
  • a devoted staff of qualified caregivers who know the meaning of continuous, compassionate care and treat their Teays Valley residents like family
  • a lovely, restaurant-quality dining room with intimate seating, inviting table decorations, and three tasty meals a day
  • a master designed facility – where kitchens are open and centrally located and become a gathering point for social exchange before-during-after meals
  • an attractively-furnished living room situated in the middle of the building (rather than the sterile-looking nurses’ station favored by most competitors)
  • large, private and ultra-clean rooms individually customized with “the comforts of home” such as cherished heirloom belongings, family portraits and special keepsakes
  • a comfortable, park-like outdoor setting with generous seating for group activities and quiet alcoves for communing with nature
  • the opportunity to live as independently as possible in a secure environment with a variety of services designed to meet each individual’s needs
  • separate assisted living and memory care environments designed with the latest access control system and CCTV monitoring in common areas and private courtyards.
  • a professional and caring staff that adheres to Teays Valley’s unwavering belief in providing the highest quality of life to our residents and nurturing and nourishing them with respect, dignity, freedom, spiritual uplift and unconditional love